Resilient Computing in Harsh Environment


                                             Resilient Computing in Harsh Environment

This research project focuses on radiation induced single-event upset (SEU) in emerging devices. Soft error has become a key challenge for cloud computing with growing number of processors in data center. With proposed introduction of emerging devices ( Germanium FinFETs, nano sheet transistors) as next generation transistprs for low voltage application, charge generation from sea-level neutron radiation needs to be evaluated due to their low ionization energy. In this project, the soft error generation and propagation in Si FinFET, Hetero-junction Tunnel FET (HTFET) and other emerging devices are investigated using device and circuit simulation and calibrated with experimental results. We analyze and identify basic mechanisms for enhanced charge collection, reduction of the bipolar gain effect and charge transport. Based on the critical LET extraction, SRAM bit-flip, electrical masking effect as well as the latching window masking effect has been analyzed for these devices. The SER performance evaluation of SRAM and Logic identify key materials-devices-circuits co-design and co-optimization approach that result in radiation resilient ultra-low power and high performance electronics. 


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Funded by: 

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)