Wriddhi Chakraborty (Notre Dame) Best Paper Award for Technology at the 2020 VLSI Symposia

Author: Barbara Walsh

Wriddhi Chakraborty

Congratulations go to Wriddhi Chakraborty!  Wriddhi is currently a 3rd-year PhD student with Professor Suman Datta.  His paper titled "BEOL Compatible Dual-Gate Ultra Thin-Body W-Doped Indium-Oxide Transistor with I_on=370 uA/um, SS=73 mV/dec and I_on/I_off>4E9" has been selected as the best student paper award for technology at the 2020 VLSI Symposia on Technology & Circuits.  For this award he will receive a travel grant to the 2021 VLSI Symposia on Technology & Circuits in Kyoto, Japan in June 2021 along with a certificate which will be presented during the awards ceremony.  The VLSI Symposia is a premier international conference on semiconductor technology and circuits that offers an opportunity to interact and synergize on topics spanning the range from process technology to system-on-chip.  This work was supported in part by two Centers in the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and DARPA.  ASCENT, one of six centers under JUMP, along with IMPACT a Center under nCORE.