Congratulations, Wriddhi!

Author: Barbara Walsh

Wriddhi Chakraborty

Wriddhi Chakraborty successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled: "Cryogenic CMOS Technology and Monolithic 3D Integration for High Performance Computing" on April 4, 2022. He recently started at Intel Components Research as a Research Engineer in Hillsboro, OR. 

Wriddhi received his Bachelors’ degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India, in 2018. His research focuses on the performance improvement of advanced CMOS technology at cryogenic temperature (Cryogenic CMOS) for quantum computing and high-performance computing applications, which involves experimental characterization and device modeling at cryogenic temperature. His research interest also includes Monolithic 3D integration of advanced CMOS logic and memory with high-performance Back-end-of-the-Line (BEOL) transistors and low-temperature processed Ferroelectric Field-effect transistor (FeFET).