Jorge Gomez

Doctoral Student

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131 Stinson-Remick Hall


Jorge Gomez got his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (2014) from Universidad de Los Andes, Chile. During his bachelor's degree, he worked developing sensors for using fog as an alternative source of fresh water at the Atacama Desert. After finishing his bachelor's degree, he continued working in developing meteorological fog stations for Andes Iron mining company. In 2016 Jorge started his Ph. D. at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2018 Jorge was accepted for the dual degree program given by the University of Notre Dame and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Jorge's current research focuses on computation with novel devices in non-Von Neumann architectures. He works characterizing and developing SPICE models that can be used for exploring new applications. Jorge has worked with the following devices: ferroelectrics, cardiomyocytes and resistive switching devices.


2016: CONICYT fellow: National Ph.D. Scholarship.
2014: Award for best graduation rate.
2014: Universidad de Los Andes award
2008-2014: Full scholarship for academic performance throughout the career.
2008: P.S.U. (similar to S.A.T.) The Highest score in Math and highest score in Science of the German School of Santiago, Chile.


Journal Papers

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